Mission of the Industrial Technology Education

The Industrial Technology Education Department has a mission of implementing the Nigerian National Policy on Education at the tertiary level. The policy stipulates that for effective and efficient implementation of the Technical Education, Technology and Vocational teachers are needed. The objective of this Department in University of Uyo, is to be responsive to the needs of the society.

Consequently, the Industrial Technology Education Department therefore exists to produce highly knowledgeable and skilled teachers for the successful implementation of the current and future policies in education at both the secondary and tertiary levels. The industrial technology teachers are expected to teach basic technology as well as other technology related and vocational subjects at the post-primary school level and beyond. In order words, these teachers should have adequate, creative and innovative ability to continuously pursue excellence in their instructional delivery of education.

Philosophy of the Industrial Technology Education, Aims and Objectives

The philosophy of Industrial Technology Education includes among others: the belief that individuals differ in their occupational choice (interest, aptitude, ability, etc.) and ample opportunities should be provided for the to exercise their choices. Furthermore, it is implicit in the philosophy of Industrial Technology Education that societies develop through the skill demonstrated by different levels of professionals rather than the artificial status connotations ascribed to some professionals and the neglect of others.

In pursuance of the ideals of Nigerian education, the philosophy of the Industrial Technology Education, which is in line with the general philosophy of University of Uyo, aims at:

1.         The acquisition, development and inculcation of proper value-orientation in her students for their survival in the society.

2.         The development of the intellectual capacities of her students to understand and appreciate their environments

3.         The acquisitions of both physical and intellectual skills by her students, which will enable them develop into useful members of the society.

4.         The inculcation of professional ethics and norms in the students through the offering of courses in vocational and technical education.

5.         The development of high-level skills in the design, production and improvisation of various instructional technology resources by her students.

6.         The acquisition of teaching skills and the appropriate methods needed in improving knowledge in the field of specializations by her students.

7.         The demonstration of competency in the handling of various hardware to achieve maximum results for a wide variety of target audience by her students.

8.         The gaining of insights on the maintenance of industrial materials, tools, machines and facilities by her students.

10.       The development of safety consciousness, creativity and good judgment over the use of technology by her students.

11.       Training vocational teachers for secondary schools and technical colleges, Colleges of Education (Technical), polytechnics and related institutions.

12.       Retraining and updating the knowledge/skills of serving Technical teachers.

13.       Providing postgraduate training for Technology Education for teachers and other interested individuals for the industrial sectors.

14.       Developing and training of individuals interested in technology and innovative education for self-reliance, industrial sector.

15.       Undertaking researches in education technology and innovation and creating wealth from wastes.