International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2016, Volume 4, Issue 1

Adoption of Computer-Aided-Instructional Systems in the Teaching of
Automobile Technology in Vocational/Technical Institutions: An Improvised
Alternative to Practicals
– Wilson Udo Udofia, Ph. D

Adoption of Minisetts Production of Dioscorea Rotundata and the Yield of
Yam in Northern Cross River State
– Dr. S. O. Nsa, P. I. Agba & A. V. Anangabor

Awareness and Attitude towards Premarital Health Screening for Choice of
Marriage Partner among Undergraduates in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
– Raji, A. O., Alebiosu, E. O., Abdulrasaq, Q. O., Jamiu, Q. O. & Oniyangi, S. O.

Cross-Gender Mentoring and Job Performance among Academics in Higher Institutions in Akwa Ibom State – Eno Etudor-Eyo, Ph.D & Ebenge John Umoh

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Mother Tongue and Combined Mother Tongue-English Language Pedagogical Strategies in Enhancing Academic Performance Among Primary School Pupils in Ibadan, Nigeria – Fehintola, J. Olusola Ph.D

Female Students’ Participation and Performance in Science Subjects in Senior Secondary Schools in Katsina State, Nigeria – Olatoye , R. A., Fatokun , V. K., Olasehinde, K. J., Abdulmalik, S.

Image of the Nigeria Police as Portrayed in Georgie Iortema’s Night Duty: Implication for the Nigerian Republic – T. Terver Udu, Ph.D

Influence of Birth-Order and Academic Performance of Middleborn, Lastborn and Only-Child Girl-Child in Primary Schools – Princewill Okechukwu Ejekwu

Nutrition and Cognition in School-Aged Children: A Brief Review – Ojo, Yetunde Abiola, Ph.D

Perceived Parenting Styles as Correlates of Self-Esteem among Adolescents in Secondary Schools – Osenweugwor Ngozi Aihie (Ph. D)

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