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International Journal of Education Development (IJED) 2022. Volume 21, Issue 1

Mould Preparation Practices in Metal Casting Operations for the Production of an Optical Alignment – Gauge Owolabi Sunday Oluwatosin, Dopemu Olushola Afolabi, Usman Adamu Jabdo & Usman Nazifi Activity Concentrations of Natural Radionuclides in Different Brands of Instant Noodles Consumed in Nigeria and their Health Risk Assessment – Olabimtan, Samuel Olugbenga and Bassey Ekong

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2021, Volume 20, Issue 1

Social and Cultural Determinants of Incomplete Routine Immunization among Nursing Mothers in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State – Dr. Adetoun T. Akinwusi & Dr. Ibrahim Dawud Oyedemi Challenges and Coping Strategies for Covid-19 among the Civil Populace in Southwest, Nigeria – Joseph Olusola FEHINTOLA, PhD The Essential Responsibilities and Duties of a Caregiver ….  Read More

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2021, Volume 18, Issue 2

Mindfulness and Cognitive Training in Enhancing Attention Regulatory among Junior Secondary School Students Performance in Mathematics in Ibadan Land, Nigeria – Joseph Olusola FEHINTOLA, PhD & Olukemi Y. AKINYEMI, PhD Technology Education and Supervision of Instructional Delivery of Academic Programme in Calabar Education Zone – Udida, Udida Joseph & Inah Roland Afen, PhD Influence of ….  Read More

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2021, Volume 18, Issue 1

Influence of Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) On Vocational and Technical Education Students’ Skills Development in Oyo State – M. O. Binuomote & A. A. Ayoola Role of Adult and Non-Formal Education in Promoting Religious Tolerance and National Integration in Nigeria for A Peaceful Co-existence – GBENRO, Abiodun Idowu E-Learning as an Alternative Approach ….  Read More

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2019, Volume 13, Issue 1

Assessment of Extent of Deputies’ Assistance over Resource Allocation and Middle Managers’ Influence on Staff Performance in Federal and State Universities in Nigeria – Prof. Lawrence E. Ekpenyong & Ojeaga Ibhade Joy Application of Cognitive Instructional Models and Academic Achievement of Financial Accounting Students in Public Secondary Schools in Uyo Metropolis – Eno Gregory Ukpong, ….  Read More

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2020, Volume 16, Issue 2

Forensic Investigation and Forensic Audit Methodology: Remedy to Fraudulent Practices in a Computerized Work Environment – Prof. K. R. E Okoye & U. G. Obialor Data-Driven Analytical Approach to Agricultural Development in Nigeria – Afolabi Olushola Festus, Abdulaziz Kasim Olalekan & Omoregie Faith Imuentinyan Teaching the Grammar of English Through the Flipped Classroom in Nigerian ….  Read More

International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB) – 2020, Volume 17, Issue 1

Academic Ethics and Integrity: Rebuilding Trust in the Nigerian Higher Educational System – Dr. Caleb, Emmanuel Ezekiel Technical Education Skill Improvement Needs and Ethics Required by Technical Teachers for Machine Shop Operation in Enugu State – George Nwachukwu Ogbonna, PhD Gender Participation and Political Office Holding in Uyo Senatorial District: Implication for Rebuilding Trust in ….  Read More