Volume 4, Issue 1

            International Journal of Educational Benchmark

                  ISSN: ONLINE: 2489-0170, PRINT: 2489-4162

Volume 4, Issue 1, May/July 2016


S/NO                          TITLE       AUTHOR(S) PAGE NO
1 Cross-Gender Mentoring and Job Performance among Academics in Higher Institutions in Akwa Ibom State Eno Etudor-Eyo, (Ph.D) & Ebenge John Umoh 1-17
2 Image of the Nigeria Police as Portrayed in Georgie Iortema’s Night Duty: Implication for the Nigerian Republic T. Terver Udu, (Ph.D) 18-28
3 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Mother Tongue and Combined Mother Tongue-English Language Pedagogical Strategies in Enhancing Academic Performance Among Primary School Pupils in Ibadan, Nigeria Fehintola, J. Olusola,(Ph.D) 29-45
4 Adoption of Computer-Aided-Instructional Systems in the Teaching of Automobile Technology in Vocational/Technical Institutions: An Improvised Alternative to Practicals Wilson Udo Udofia 46-56
5 Female Students’ Participation and Performance in Science Subjects in Senior Secondary Schools in Katsina State, Nigeria Olatoye ,  R. A., Fatokun , V. K.,  Olasehinde, K. J.,  Abdulmalik, S 57-72
6 Influence of Birth-Order and Academic Performance of Middleborn, Lastborn and Only-Child Girl-Child in Primary Schools Princewill Okechukwu Ejekwu


7 Adoption of Minisetts Production of Dioscorea Rotundata and the Yield of Yam in Northern Cross River State Dr. S. O. Nsa, P. I. Agba & A. V. Anangabor 83-95
8 Perceived Parenting Styles as Correlates of Self-Esteem Among Adolescents in Secondary Schools Osenweugwor  Ngozi Aihie (Ph.D) 96-107
9 Awareness and Attitude towards Premarital Health Screening for Choice of Marriage Partner among Undergraduates in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria Raji, A. O., Alebiosu, E. O., Abdulrasaq, Q. O., Jamiu, Q. O. & Oniyangi, S. O. 108-121
10 Nutrition and Cognition in School-Aged Children: A Brief Review Ojo, Yetunde Abiola, (Ph.D) 122-138