IJEB Vol 9, Issue 2

International Journal of Educational Benchmark

ISSN: ONLINE: 2489-0170, PRINT: 2489-4162

Volume 9, Issue 2, Jan/March 2018


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1 Illuminative Perspectives on Adult Learners’ Participation in Literacy Education Programme in Edo South Senatorial District Dr. M. O. Oyitso & ERHARUYI Nosakhare Richard


2 Office Secretary and the Organizational Success of the Nigerian Nation Anele Clement A. (Ph.D) & Michael King Atimi-Yousou. 10-17
3 Business Education Students’ Ratings of Skills Needed for Self-Reliance in Oyo State Colleges of Education, Nigeria Olawoyin, Rasheed Olawale & Adegoke-Samuel, Elizabeth


4 Cyber Bullying and Psychological Well-being among Undergraduates in the University of Calabar Melvina N. Amalu (Ph.D.)


5 Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills Using ICT among Students of Higher Institutions for Sustainable National Development Idongesit Akan Udi (Ph.D) & Glory Osareti Ofili


6 Influence of Tertiary Education Trust Fund Intervention on Provision Physical Infrastructure and Instructional Materials in Business Education Departments in Colleges of Education in North-West, Nigeria Muhammad Murtala Bala Ph.D


7 Developing Entrepreneurial Skills and Lifelong Learning for Career Self-Efficacy among Business Education Students in Federal Universities in South-South, Nigeria James Edomwonyi, EDOKPOLOR&Taye Adenike, MURITALA



8 Teachers Desirable Requisites and Teaching Effectiveness Public Secondary Schools in Anambra State, Nigeria Bolapeju M. Agboola (Ph.D) & Anukwu, M. A. (Ph. D)


9 Appraisal of the Moral Development of Orphaned Children in Church of Christ in Nations Plateau State, Nigeria. Yohanna, Bulus Abetangs& Bongotons, Oliver I.


10 Embracing Educational Research Best Practices: What really matters among Nigerian Mathematics Educators Adeniji, K. A, Olasesan, O. O. & Usman, H. 102-113