International Journal of Educational Benchmark

ISSN: ONLINE: 2489-0170, PRINT: 2489-4162

Volume 10, Issue 2, April/June 2018



S/No List of Topics Pages
1 Reforming Teacher Education Curriculum in Nigeria for Enhancement of Employability of Tertiary Education Graduates – Dr. Ime Effiong Emah 1-10
2 Business Studies Students’ Learning Style and Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Onna L.G.A.- Stella I. Ufot, Ph.D 11-18
3 Fostering International Teaching and Research Collaborations: The Case of Tertiary Institution in Nigeria- Nsien, Christian Benjamin 19-34
4 Validity of Vocational Technical Education Teachers Creativity for Lifelong Learning and National Development- Batchman Ekwure Isaac, Ph.D, George, Williams Kennedy & Udeme S. Udoetuk, Ph.D 35-45
5 The Concept of God (Allah) in Islam – Abdulkareem Ahmad Tijjani,  Ph.D 46-55
6 Creativity and Innovation in Educational Administration in Nigeria – Awodoyin, Francis Olajire & Edem Essiere Ekop 56-66
7 Computer Based Test (CBT):  A Veritable Tool for Checking Examination Malpractice in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination – Muhammad Murtala Bala PhD 67-72
8 Motivational Strategies for Enhancing Effective Teaching of Agriculture in Secondary Schools toward Global food Security in Abia State, Nigeria- Uko, Edet Okon (Ph.D) 73-85

School Facilities and Student’s Performance in Metal Work Practicals in Technical Colleges in Akwa Ibom State – Samuel AmosIkpe                                                                                                          

10 Social Studies Education and Students’ Deviant Behaviour in Junior Secondary Schools in Uyo Metropolis of Akwa Ibom State- Dr. Cecilia E. Okon & Udoidiong, Edehekudim Essien 99-106
11 Quality Assurance in Teacher Education for Teachers’ Productivity in Colleges of Education in South-South Nigeria- Ofonime Harry Otuo, Ph.D 107-116
12 Impact of Promotion as a Personnel Policy Implementation  for Teacher Retention and Efficiency among Secondary School Teachers in South-Eastern Nigeria- Dr. Chukwuemeka Joseph Chukwu & Dr. Ijeoma Evelyn Ezepue 117-130